What is the true Christianity?

You may wonder why such a question is posed. Consider the proliferation of religious entities that use the word Christian in their name. Ask yourself why there are so many Christian groups or denominations which [preach] a different interpretation of any doctrine of the Torah or which incorporate some biblical doctrines with other doctrines that the Torah condemns. Amid the confusion created by so many groups, it is not easy to discern if another religion stands against Christians or another [version] of Christians, or against anyone who believes in Jesus.

Whatever causes the hatred for Christians by other religions can be debunked if the haters would study and understand the Christian Bible, that is, the New Testament and the Old Testament.

The Bible is not a book that calls for violence against any other nations to compel them to obey the Torah under the threat of sword or, in our modern time, with guns. The only necessary violence against other lands that is recorded in the Old Testament is the massacre of the populations of the lands that the God of Israel needed to establish Israel (the 12 tribes) as a nation after delivering them from slavery in Egypt. At the conquest, the God of Israel fixed the boundaries of the lands that were allotted to each tribe. The God of Israel never enjoined the Israelites to expand their territory nor their religion beyond the [ascribed] boundary. In Isaiah, we read that the God of Israel had welcomed any citizen of the other nations and promised them a better place in Judaism than the chosen Israelites. Jesus echoes that invitation during His ministry and said He came to seek the lost ones. As a result, He commissioned his Apostles to go around the world to preach His fulfilled Judaism to every nation. He did not command them to gather armies and mercenaries to go evangelize under the threat of death for anyone who will reject His Gospels. Therefore, if any "Christian" entity or nation would go to war against any other country under the banner of Christianity, we must see that invading force as driven by the Deceiver.

The story for the evangelization of the world is recorded in the New Testament for the one who is willing to read it with an unbiased mind. The evangelization is geared towards any individual in any country who would believe in the name of Jesus and get baptized. Jesus warned that there are fake evangelists out there and that we must be on our guard not to be deceived.


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